Project Challenge

Building an organic team (BI as a Service) with knowledge and understanding of the entire Bazan Group business environment, including unique business processes in the field of Oil & gas, as a long-term solution for the BI and analytics needs, at the highest level of service and responsibility.

In addition, finding solutions for operational flexibility when increasing and decreasing development resources, according to the Bazan’s changing needs and the market’s changing needs (Covid-19, quick development of urgent activities, etc.), to allow a better control of the maintenance and project expenses according to the ongoing work plans.

Our Solution

The northern development center at Yokneam provides to Bazan Group a long-term solution with team of developers working remotely on the company’s various projects and supporting the system’s ongoing maintenance. The team consists of two profiles of developers to ensure professional continuity on the one hand and flexibility on the other hand. The first high level developers are knowledgeable in the technological modules and business processes, while the others expands the workforce upon specific needs. Thus, the development costs are on a Pay as You Use basis. This way, the quality of support and development improves significantly, since a client has access to the entire iprosis team at its disposal. The support is flexible, and efficiently ready for any issue, or consultation according to the client’s needs.

Key Features and Highlights

The Value We Created

Our solution creates business continuity, budget efficiency, high development and service quality - all for an overall growth and streamlining processes.

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