End-to-End projects

We specialize in:

  • Data
  • Analytics
  • Integration
  • Applications
  • AI & ML

Full software development life cycle projects based on Best-of-Breed technologies – from conceptualization and planning, through Cloud Infrastructure strategy and installation, to implementation, deployment, and ongoing maintenance.
We believe in a comprehensive approach ensuring that the final project/product meets the client’s specific requirements and business objectives.

Flexible Development services

At iprosis we use a flexible development services approach:

From specific application development to End-to-End projects.
From systems Architects to junior developers.

Our Development Centers approach gives our customers high flexibility in project teams, development resources mix, consulting services and systems maintenance.

Data Strategy

Using data strategically is all about finding the best Data and Data Solutions for your company.

We know how to help you –

  • Facilitates planned Data technology adoption for competitive advantage, enable accurate and informed decision-making
  • Identify new opportunities for business growth
  • provide your business with the right Data technologies and tools to optimize your operations for maximum efficiency

Products Development

Develop ready to use Data and Analytics products and applications, including Cloud SAAS products.

Our Data & Analytics products and applications are designed to solve complex organizational processes problems and needs.

The products are based on the most advanced technologies in the market and developed in an innovative and wide thinking approach.