Project Challenge

Sharing Big Data figures from the production system to external resources in order to promote data oriented collaboration initiatives, while giving Bazan group full data governance and usage control with a smart DATA platform.

Our Solution

The BLake project is the product of a collaboration between iprosis and the Innovation Division at Bazan Group, aimed at creating an organizational Data Lake based on the production figures of the organization, serving as a collaboration platform on Big Data and AI applications.

By building a Data Lake for sharing external information with Bazan Group’s partners, we did not settle only on creating business value from internal Bazan resources, but also leveraged data sharing to create value from the entire local ecosystem in Israel.

Entities such as academy, startups, researchers and others in the fields of renewable energy, preventive maintenance, environment protection, etc. The innovation is expressed through informational networking; connecting various information sources; integrating information from various entities.

Key Features and Highlights

The Value We Created

Creating innovation within the organization by using technology and creating integration with data and technological-business knowledge of factors outside the organization, such as academy, startups, etc.

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