Project Challenge

Managing and concentrating comprehensive students data, from the early stages of application, through acceptance and all the way to graduation, using one, flexible and accessible data infrastructure.

Our Solution

We chose to transfer the whole system from manual management to an SAP S/4 technological solution. The newly implemented system can categorize a candidate’s external achievements according to registration status, averages, etc. until they become a student and are assigned a major/faculty.

It allows reviewing any student/lecturer/course at any given time, for instance: meeting deadlines, admission requirements, grades, tracking, etc.

The data was funneled into one system and can be viewed together using designated dashboards. The technological solution includes SAP Campus Management solution data, a designated solution for academia, suitable especially for university needs.

Key Features and Highlights

The Value We Created

The system has rendered processing new students in a more efficient manner, improving their initial experience and later their academic studies. Plus, it create a more accurate admission process for universities.

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