Winner of the Outstanding Project Award at the IT Awards 2021 of People and Computers

Project Challenge

Building a new and innovative cloud end-to-end based BI system for a young organization, with multiple information sources, such as SalesForce, Historian, SAP S/4HANA and others, in order to produce hourly business insights and data oriented decision making.

Our Solution

In a competitive market driven by narrow profit margins, receiving detailed sales figures only every two weeks, is not enough for MRC management to conduct a strategic approach. The system we developed was based on building a dual layer BI system in the cloud:

Data layer – the organizational data warehouse, connected to all information sources extracting and integrating valuable business data. This layer’s platform is SAP HANA Cloud, allowing us to build a unified organizational data warehouse reflecting one business image, one organizational truth.

Analytic layer – based on SAP Analytics Cloud, enabling advanced visual analytic abilities, as well as forecasting and statistical analysis of information managed in the DWH layer.

In addition, the data layer platform enabled the development of operational applications, for gas orders management.
Once the system was developed, MRC received a mirroring of their business image on a high precision hourly rate. The outcomes included: Income projection, Sales components, the ability to predict future electricity demand and prices, allowing them to quickly and efficiently react to any fluctuation.

Key Features and Highlights

The Value We Created

Receiving a constant business image allowing to make educated business decisions at any given moment, and a quick response time to business variables.

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