Winner of the Outstanding Project Award at the IT Awards 2021 of People and Computers

Project Challenge

As part of applying the information systems strategy at Samelet, the client decided to establish a unified platform to manage all interfaces when entering and leaving the local system via new cloud technology.

Our Solution

For this project, we chose with the client a cloud-based solution that can offer robust integration abilities, for a stable and secured interface transference between cloud and OnPrem systems. We selected SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) for this project.

SAP Cloud Integration helps you to connect cloud and on-premise applications with other SAP and non-SAP cloud and on-premise applications. This service has the capabilities to process messages in real-time scenarios spanning different companies, organizations, or departments within one organization and is part of SAP BTP.

First, the project was implemented with the company’s outsourced spare parts warehouse, and included an implementation of dozens of real-time inventory interfaces. Secondly, new interfaces were developed for integration and compliance with one of the car manufacturers with which the company works. All the company’s interfaces will go through the CPI in the near future.

Key Features and Highlights

The Value We Created

Improving control processes over the in and out interfaces, both in terms of operating them as well as data security, availability and completion.

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